“From Small Beginnings Come Great Things” - Tillett's

“From Small Beginnings Come Great Things”

Five years ago, this very weekend on the 8th April 2014, Tilletts produced their very first Facebook video. A 15 second short showcasing their Sloppy Joe stock. No sound, no discussion, no guests of honour with glasses of Prosecco……a far cry from the Tilletts LIVE we know and love today.

Filmed in the back of Mel’s shop, this humble social media outreach was soon to be come a tried and tested method that would develop and build into a huge following. Fast forward 4 Years to 2017 and Tilletts went LIVE for the very first time. A nervous Mel interacts with the camera whilst Grace films the stock and between them they discuss styles and colour matches. The format is new, they are unsure, but they persevere and after all, practice makes perfect!

By June 2017, the LIVE’s had become a weekly occurrence and the ladies were well on their way to mastering their craft! Guest appearances, behind the scenes footage and Mel’s Top Tips were now all a part of the Tilletts Experience. Over the next few months, Tilletts continued to blossom, the business thrived and Tilletts TV became a strong driving force behind the ladies’ success. Before we knew it, we were surrounded by shiny new staff, stores and a custom-built warehouse.

Wednesday’s at 7pm are now a staple in households up and down the country while husbands grumble and moan ‘oh no, not Tilletts time again!’ and we cannot thank you enough for enthusiasm and support. So, to celebrate we thought we’d share a #TillettsThrowback from Spring 2017.


Team Tilletts xx

Author: Sheryl Gibson-Hill

  • Tracey Gates says...

    Found you over a year ago after someone liked & shared … love the pretty colours have a fabulous collection of Tilletts clothing. May you go from strength well done ladies.

    On April 07, 2018
  • Julie Glass says...

    Found you last year Tilletts and thank goodness I did at last gorgeous versatile clothes and such great value love your blogs live videos just love you altogether Tilletts hope your with us for many years 💕

    On April 07, 2018
  • Wendy Cross says...

    Glad I listened in to Tilletts live, finally found women’s fashion that caters for different shapes and sizes not like the high street stores with standard fittings !
    Good for all ages and great that you can see the clothes being modelled, far better than looking at pictures online, also good fun to watch and makes me smile on a Wednesday evening thank you ladies 😊

    On April 06, 2018
  • Jayne Springett says...

    I found tilletts back in September 2017, and I am addicted my wardrobe has change I feel so confident in your clothes, I can’t wait to see each Wednesday what’s new, love love love you all 💖🎀💖🎀💖🎀💖🎀

    On April 06, 2018
  • Rachel Stanton says...

    All i can say thanku so glad i found you guys.
    Your clothes make me feel good about myself. If we phone your staff are fantastic and always so helpful. X

    On April 06, 2018

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