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“Hungry For Style”


The Fashion Brunch Club

Surrounded by like minded ladies, ready to be wowed by the styles and concepts of the local fashion retailers, I take my seat along with the rest of Team Tilletts and begin to observe all the women who have come here today to celebrate Mother’s Day. There is a sea of women (and a couple of men who’ve been "willingly" brought along by their wives) and not one woman is the same. I see teens, women in their 20’s, 30’s all the way up to their 80’s. It is clear to me that this is not your average event and the outreach that Gok has is not just about fashion. We have seen him on TV helping women learn about their body shapes and how to dress but not only that, Gok shows these women how to develop confidence and bring themselves back from the hurt that has lead them to be where they are today. We are all ready to see what he has to say, what he has to teach us but first......fizz!!

Now the beauty of a Fashion Brunch is that we get to combine our two great loves, style and sustenance. We are presented with an appetizer of figs, beetroot and goats cheese - I look to my right and see the disappointed look on Nancy’s face. The portion size has already thrown her and I know she is thinking ‘this better not be it’. I reassure her that this will just be the starter, there will be more to come. Bear in mind this girl is tiny but boy does she like her food and you wouldn’t like her when she’s hangry! The next course arrives; a serving of chicken, dauphinoise potatoes, green beans and peas. Safe to assume that Nancy left her vegetables but she’s full now and ready for some fashion! We consume our meals and an announcement is made, Gok is on his way back out.

Introducing the first retailer, we see a collection of Spring/Summer styles and everyone is delighted to see that the models are of all different age, shapes and sizes. ‘Next up is Tilletts’ Gok announces, with 'Jewellery supplied by Dollie Jewellery'. There is a loud cheer from our corner of the room and the show begins once again. A variety of looks and trends, put together by Mel and Grace go down a storm with the room and by teaming up with local 'Stacking Specialist' Dollie Jewellery we were able to compliment the looks with beautifully unique silver pieces. Supporting other local retailers is of great importance to Tilletts and when a collaboration was suggested we were overjoyed at the prospect of working together. Gok continues to read our bio and for the rest of the day we are approached by ladies wanting to know and see more. Another collection follows ours and we break for a Q and A with Gok. He is on the receiving end of all sorts of questions from ‘What shape am I?’ to ‘How do I dress now I have lost weight?’. In the meantime a lady has been nominated by her daughter for a makeover, she is whisked away and we are reassured we will see her transformation towards the end of the show. More questions are asked and answered and before we know it it’s time for the next portion of the catwalk compilation. Three more retailers showcase their outfits, concluded by a collection from a local bridal boutique. There has been some amazing styles and it seems to be all over too soon but not before we are shown the results of the gorgeous makeover performed by Gok’s team. This lady was beautiful before and now she is positively glowing, it was amazing to see her confidence transform before us in the space of an hour.

Before the day is complete Gok takes a moment to talk about all the lovely mum's in the room and how he had been approached by one particular lady a few weeks ago who felt her mum deserved a special treat. This courageous mum had battled all sorts including a successful fight against Cancer. Gok presented her with an invitation for a makeover and pampering with his team in London and she was truly overwhelmed. It was a lovely moment and reminded me of the difference Gok continues to make in women’s lives all across the UK.

At Tilletts we have always tried to emulate that notion. The Tilletts family is extended far beyond Mel, Grace and Nancy. It is comprised of the staff, our customers, our VIP’s and any woman looking for advice on how to get their confidence back. We had a fabulous time at Gok’s Fashion Brunch and we wished we could have shared the entire experience with all of you. It would not have been possible without your continued support and faith in us!

Thank you ladies!

Team Tilletts xxx


Author: Sheryl Gibson-Hill

  • Siobhan Tew says...

    Just recieved my first order linen top and joggers…and yes i have a bottom before i didnt so cool comfy..i then used my voucher to buy more joggers and the two piece dresss im so happy i live in canarys and cant get good decent clothes.
    I did see a woman in the linen stripe dress pink have to say not a good advert..she looked so scruffy and the beautiful dress looked unkempt but anyway thanks again ladies please shout me out.xxxccc

    On April 24, 2018
  • Laura Thom says...

    Thanks Sheryl for your insight into what sounded like an amazing day – I’m sure you all had an absolute ball. I think Gok is fabulous and Team Tillets are too – the Tillets clothes looked amazing on all the models. What a great way to spend Mothers Day and here’s hoping Gok got some inspiration from Tillets for his This Morning Makeovers ?

    On March 12, 2018

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