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Look Out – Tilletts Have Thrown A Curveball!!

It’s been another crazy couple of weeks here at the Tilletts Universe and you may have noticed a few new faces popping up in store and online, one of which is our lovely new model, Zoe.

Zoe has been brought on board to predominantly showcase the Tilletts Curves range. Over the past six months or so we have been inundated with requests for larger clothing and a model that can also represent the Curvier ladies among us. We adore our model Laura, she is beautiful inside and out but for those of us with big boobs, bellies, bulges and bums it can be difficult for us to imagine ourselves in the clothing and at Tilletts we like to cater for everyone no matter your age or size.

For this very reason I have been a keen orchestrator behind the Tilletts Curves range. Firstly, I approached Grace and requested that we rebranded the 18 plus category – for a woman who has been every shape and size you can imagine I have always hated having to click on the 18 plus section on any website. For example, at my very slimmest – I was the correct weight for my height maybe even a little too slim, but I was still a 12 on the bottom and a 14 on the top, I was still curvy and still had an hourglass figure, I was never meant to have a thigh gap or be able to wear a top braless. That’s just me, that’s just the way I am!! So, for me it was important that every curvy lady out there had a positive buying experience when shopping with Tilletts and so ‘Tilletts Curve’ was born.

At this stage I would like to point out that Tilletts Curves is not in any way solely made for purely plus size women, the idea behind Tilletts Curves is to allow women to shop freely without feeling they have to label themselves. Perhaps you are mid diet – you have already lost some weight and plan to lose more, well Tilletts has been designed so you can take your clothing with you on your journey and the same applies if you are trying to gain weight or going through pregnancy. You may find that you buy items that are not part of Tilletts Curves and then some that are, but you know what? It doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter one little bit. All we ask is that you wear the clothes with pride, with confidence and with the radiance we already know you have.


Wear it, Rock it, Love it!!


Best Wishes,

Team Tillett



Author Sheryl Gibson-Hill

  • Angie Fleming says...

    I love the new ‘curvy’ site!! I have also been from a 12 to nearly a 20 at present! I struggle with weight and my disabilities dont help as far as excercising goes. I have a few lovely tops now and i love them and how comfy they feel on. I also love the VIP page, when I’m feeling ok i can comment but i think even a’ like or love’ is nice to receive. I love belonging to the Tilletts world. Thanks Mel and co.for your hard work to keep us all looking nice and feeling happy! Xxx Love from Angie Fleming ( glennangiefleming) xxx

    On May 15, 2018
  • Katie Kind says...

    I have been a big girl all my life, due to health reasons i have finally got my act together and currently have lost 3 stone 11lbs, my mum and I visited the Louth store a few months ago and this is the first time (other than Evans and Yours) I was able to walk into a gorgeous boutique and buy clothes that I both love and that are modern and colourful etc, I am still size 24 and have to be careful with what I buy as I still need them to be a bit loose (fat girl syndrome, clothes have to be bigger than normal), but I look forward to losing more weight and gettjng more lovely tillets outfits

    On May 13, 2018
  • Sarah Gordon says...

    Hi Lovely Ladies I agree with Kerry it would be great to see some slighter smaller tops I’m 12/14 aged 68 and absolutely love your clothing range but I know that they will drown me. I’ve just received the navy linen top which I’m going to get taken in bit as I want to keep it. Lotta love to you all xxx

    On May 12, 2018
  • Lynn Nichols says...

    Lovely to see tillets well done and naming it the curry range makes you feel so much better. Take care all of you and keep up the good work.

    On May 11, 2018
  • Sandra Livingston says...

    I hate when you go in to other stores and go in the changing rooms thinking that like big made and 😣it’s to small well I’m so so glad that I found tillets as so far this hasn’t happened with ant of the dresses tops bottoms that I’ve ordered .
    There’s only one complaint I’ve got and that is…. your about 400 miles to far away .
    PS one day might get down to actually shop in one of your stores fingers crossed

    On May 11, 2018
  • Wendy Hobson says...

    What a great move for Tilletts, its wonderful to know you are always thinking of the customer & our experience……. embrace your CURVES x

    On May 11, 2018
  • Kerry Evans says...

    Great concept Sheryl. I agree although love the idea that Tilletts started with which was a one size for all it sadly doesn’t always suit my new body shape. I have in the last couple of years lost close to four stone and am now an approx size 12. I really really love your designs but would appreciate some in a smaller size. I love the new small/medium size joggers which are good for me. I really want to order some more clothes but I have to really study the pictures and see if I think they’ll be alright for me and not make me look like I’m wearing pre diet clothes. I love to see Grace and Nancy wearing the clothes as it gives me more of an idea of what they’d look like on me.
    Keep up the great work. Love love love Tilletts XXX
    If I lived nearer I’d pop into store to try on but I’m in Leicestershire so too far to pop in.

    On May 11, 2018
  • Angela says...

    Love the new “curve” on the menu it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable like 18plus
    I have bought so many items and will continue as they are perfect and made for us curvy girls which we should not be ashamed to be
    Well done to you all and keep up the fantastic job you do x

    On May 11, 2018
  • Anne Goodwin says...

    I loved this post you describe my feelings so well. So glad I have found tillets feel like a new woman in your clothes keep up the good work xx

    On May 11, 2018
  • Patricia Kincaid says...

    I love your clothes but recently I have had to return 3 items, which I loved because I’m bigger up top an a 18 bottom . If you are busty a V neck is better so please please try an help us big busts out xxx

    On May 11, 2018
  • Laura Thom says...

    Well said Sheryl, love the concept and the new name – having myself been everything from a 12 to a 20 it’s important that we embrace, love ourselves and shine regardless of size and a number on a scale. Confidence is attractive and all women deserve clothes that gives them that confidence and that’s what Tilletts delivers. Nice to have the different sized models to to represent everyone and guide them in their choices. Well done Sheryl and Team Tillets xx

    On May 11, 2018
  • Anne Huizinga says...

    Love it, no having to cut labels out when you don’t want people to know size and whether you lose or gain weight it will still fit , brilliant x

    On May 11, 2018
  • Bev Kemp says...


    On May 11, 2018

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