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On Wednesday's We Wear Pink!


Pink never really goes out of style and can be incredibly flattering on a multitude of skin tones.

At Tilletts we LOVE all things Pink so in celebration of Valentine’s Day we have launched an entire collection focusing on the standout tone.

If you’ve previously shied away from the ‘sweet as candy’ colour and wondering how you can wear pink and still be stylish, well we have a treat for you!

Follow our style guide and you too can learn how to be more ‘Chic Queen’ and less ‘Frilly Princess’!!


  1. Don’t be shy, go BOLD!

Embracing Pink is believing in the power of Pink.

A striking, bright pink top can make an entire outfit come alive when worn in the right way. For a casual day look that is anything but drab, combine your stunning staple with white Joggers or Jeans. The contrast will make the pink, pop and your style, stand out.


  1. Nobody puts Baby in the corner….

We often associate Pink Pastels shades with femininity but that’s not always the message we want to convey. If you’re looking to create an elegant style but without the ‘girly’ overtones, combine your feature piece with ‘masculine’ styles to counterbalance the girlishness. A pair of denim jeans is a quick and easy way to achieve this with minimal effort. Perfect!



  1. Get Juicy with Raspberry

Getting to grips with pink can be a big step if you’ve never done it before. Dip your toe into the pink pond with a Raspberry or Coral hue and slowly build your confidence by experimenting with different shades.



  1. Toughen up!

Similar to choosing more masculine styles, you can also opt for tougher fabrics to wear with pink..

Double Denim is a fun way to incorporate a rocker tone into your look. Add a statement necklace or bag to complete the look.



  1. Get Sneaky…

A carefully chosen hint of pink can totally transform your outfit, a pair of Pink Sneakers or Shoes are a little sneaky homage while keeping it lowkey. Start your look with grey’s and whites and add pink footwear as the exclamation point to your ensemble.



Dive into this bang on trend colour by having a play around at home. Start with a feature piece and build your outfit around it, you’ll be amazed how quickly you manage to master ‘The Power Of Pink’



Happy Valentines Day Ladies! X


Author: Sheryl Gibson-Hill

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