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“Reunited and It Feels So Good”

Tilletts pride themselves on being many things; the supplier of real clothes for real women, providers of excellent customer service and most importantly a platform for a community of like-minded ladies who continue to empower one another. So, who knew all of this had the makings of a true ‘Cilla’ moment?? ‘Surprise, Surprise Chucks!’

Two beautiful ladies, Ellie Newnham (pictured far right) and Isla Thomas (pictured far left) were the best of friends. Ellie, originally from Watford moved to the quaint market town of Louth in the late 70’s, early 80’s and eager to make new connections and friends encountered upon Isla at the Salon where she worked at the time. Quickly hitting it off, the girls became close and loved nothing more than letting their hair down and painting the town red at the weekend. Ellie amusingly recounts a time where she and Isla managed to get themselves into mischief (after a few too many sherbets) and ended up at Louth Hospital. Ellie was working at the Hospital as an Auxillary Nurse and thought it would be a great idea to take the Scooters from there out on an adventure. Little did they know before long they would be lost in the middle of nowhere and Isla’s Dad would have to come and find them and bring them home. Safe to assume, he wasn’t best pleased with their antics!

But time goes on, they both marry, and Ellie moves back to her home town of Watford. Sadly, they lost touch. Ellie recalls receiving a letter from Isla shortly after moving and as luck would have it, she lost the letter and Isla’s address along with it. It’s the 1980’s and the tool of technology was not there for them to easily maintain their friendship. The ladies obviously missed one another and over the years their tight bond remained. Determined to find one another, they worked tirelessly in the hope of reuniting with their long-lost friend. Isla tells of her Surprise 40th Birthday Party and how her husband looked far and wide to find Ellie and give his wife the best birthday present possible, but he unfortunately came away disappointed that he was unable to track her down. So, the search continued, and 15 more years pass by to bring us to the current day. Technology has moved on in leaps and bounds and it should be so easy to trace one another now and yet it seems the gap has never felt so wide and the mission so impossible……..or is it?

Well, you may be thinking this is a great trip down memory lane Sheryl but what does this have to do with Tilletts? Seeing as you asked so nicely, I will tell you!

Two months ago, Ellie was catching up on the latest gossip, scrolling through Facebook and came across a world-renowned (yes, you heard) Tilletts live video!! ‘Oooh, what’s this?’ she thought. Well you ladies know exactly how the next bit goes, Ellie is hooked and before she knows it she’s re-mortgaged the house and she can’t move for Tilletts Treats! Meanwhile, in Louth, Isla is a store regular and finds herself losing her Wednesday evenings to Tilletts TV as well. So, both ladies are living and breathing Tilletts and the next logical step is surely to join Tilletts VIP?! Every addict needs a place to go right? Right! Well what do we have here, Eleanor Newnham likes a post on Tilletts VIP. Isla doubletakes, it can’t be Ellie can it? After all these years? Surely not! Isla does a little Facestalking (it’s a word, trust me) and discovers that this Eleanor Newnham also lives in Watford. ‘It must be my Ellie’, Isla thought to herself and so she reaches out by sending her a private message on Facebook. Lo and behold it is the very Ellie Newnham she knew so many years ago. Since reconnecting the ladies have been tying up the phone lines catching up on lost time. They have already begun making plans to see one another again and you guessed it, have a super Tilletts Day!!

Having spoken to both of these wonderful women it was an honour to hear their story and Team Tillett are overjoyed to have played a small part in bringing these two friends back together. We wish them the very best and we simply cannot wait to meet them!

We hope you enjoyed this story and from everyone at Tilletts, Have a Happy Easter!!

Team Tilletts xxx


Author: Sheryl Gibson-Hill

  • Laura THom says...

    What a lovely story – what were the odds of that happening – I hope Ellie and Isla enjoy their catch up and their rekindled friendship – what a lot of catching up they will have to do. Well done Tillets – a real “Surprise Surprise” moment.

    On March 31, 2018
  • Hilary LEECH says...

    A lovely heartwarming story. Ihope the ladies go on to have a long and happy friendship again, thanks to Tillets VIP.

    On March 30, 2018
  • Elizabeth Munro says...

    What a tru!y Wonderful story I am delighted for both of them . What a lot of catching up they have to do ! They were meant to be together no luck involved the time is now . Lost touch with my friend many moons ago we were both Aupairs in Switzerland she was from Denmark she went home before I did and the same senario I lost her address too .So I hope that one day the time will be right for us too meet again I am living in hope .xxx

    On March 30, 2018
  • Lynn Senior says...

    What a lovely heartwarming story.So happy for you both having found each other….and through a fantastic clothing store that is Tillets.Long may your friendship continue x x

    On March 29, 2018
  • Lynne Shepherd says...

    What a lovely story about the friends being Reunited. Tilletts work their magic again

    On March 29, 2018

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