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What are Magic Pants?

Magic pants from Tilletts are the perfect combination of comfort and elegance!

Our magic pants are designed to fit all and are a great stylish alternative to leggings. Our pants are available in three sizing options to suit all shapes and sizes and we have several gorgeous colours and fashionable prints to choose from. So, you can have a pair to wear every day!

Made in Italy, magic pants come with a tapered fit and tie waistline, so they flatter your body perfectly. Our magic pants are versatile and stylish meaning you can create a fabulous look whatever you pair them with. They look great with anything from a tunic top, shirt, or blouse or even a dress.

What can I wear with my magic pants?

Our magic pants are so simple to style because they’re so stretchy and easy to wear that you already feel your best in them.

Nevertheless, we can always take our outfits a step further with another gorgeous piece from Tilletts. If you’re opting for a block colour, we suggest that you pair your magic trousers with a colourful patterned tunic, then finish your look with a pair of our trendy sandals for a sunny day or go for a pair of our comfy trainers.

If you’ve picked out a pair of patterned magic pants, why not style these with a fabulous simple top such as one of our longline tops or one of our basic essentials tops to create an effortless, comfortable look. Why not complete your look with some beautiful jewellery. Either a statement necklace from our Tilletts jewellery collection or a dainty sterling silver chain from Dollie Jewellery.

Remember, no matter how you choose to style your magic pants you’ll look fabulous as long as you style with confidence! And that will come naturally in these super comfortable, stylish, easy to wear trousers.

What material are magic pants?

Magic pants are made from a blend of Viscose and Elastane, which means they are super comfortable.

This combination of fibres is what allows our magic pants to give the perfect fit for everyone due to their stretchy and expandable nature. The Viscose and Elastane blend gives our magic pants a soft and smooth finish which feels fabulous on and means they’re comfortable all day long. Plus they’re versatile and comfortable enough to wear into the evening as well!

magic pants camo cargo

How do I take care of my magic pants?

Like all things magical, you must take care of them properly and our magic pants are no exception.

As our pants are made from a Viscose and Elastane blend you must take caution when washing and drying your trousers. The best way to wash your magic pants without shrinking is by handwashing them in cool water with detergent, if that’s not possible put them in the washer for a quick cool wash. You shouldn’t put your magic pants in the dryer unless you use a no-heat tumbler cycle or an at-home dry cleaning.

Can I iron my magic pants?

The material of our magic pants means that they tend not to crease but if you need to, we advise that you only iron your pants on the lowest setting possible and gently iron the pair of trousers from the inside out to help you get crisp lines.
The thin lightweight material makes these trousers perfect for keeping on-trend this Summer. You can dress them up or keep it casual, it’s completely your choice! Our magic pants give you that freedom to feel your best no matter how you style them.

If you love our magic trousers, then don’t forget to take a look at our great range of magic shorts which come in a variety of colours and styles. They are the perfect choice if you are looking for some super comfortable, shorts for the summer months or as part of your holiday wardrobe.
If you haven't ordered your magic trousers or magic shorts yet, grab yours before they go!

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