"A Life Changing Adventure" - Meet Deborah!

Whisked away with partner, Neil for an all-inclusive stay at the beautiful Healing Manor, avid fan Deborah became the face of Tilletts for the day as she was treated the full VIP Experience. A styled Photoshoot followed by a live guest appearance; Deborah was invited to meet Team Tilletts for a day she’d never forget!

For the past year, Deborah has lived and breathed Tilletts. An active contributor to the VIP Group, her dazzling smile brightens the day of every member of the VIP community. Following a chance discovey of a live Tilletts video, she became completely hooked on the ‘one size clothing’ company. 

“I was totally engaged with the lives” explains Deborah. “It was ‘normal’ women, not models or celebrities, showing lovely clothes at reasonable prices. Every video felt like it was speaking just to me, making me feel special and confident enough to try new styles.”

After joining VIP, Deborah raved about the company to anyone and everyone who would listen. Sharing her ‘Style Selfies and Purchase Photos’, she quickly became a go-to for fashion tips. It was this passion for the company that brought Deborah to our attention. Following the success of our very first ‘VIP Meet & Retreat’, it was evident that Deborah would make the perfect ‘next in line’ for the VIP Crown. Screaming down the phone with delight at the proposition, it was safe to say that Deborah was on board with the idea!

Fast forward three weeks and Deborah was now on her way to her luxury stay and day of glamour. Once checked in, Neil and Deborah were treated to a 3-course meal before embarking on their journey to Tilletts HQ where she would meet the Tilletts Team, receive a behind the scenes tour and later appear in a Facebook Live. There’s no rest for the wicked at Tilletts though and Deborah was quickly shown to the Studio where she became our very own ‘Model for a Day’.

As Deborah took to the studio floor and began to strike a pose, it was her partner Neil who caught my eye. Beaming with pride, he described the moment he saw Deborah in front of the camera for the first time:

 ‘Her face was positively glowing, she just looked so happy. It was truly wonderful to see. I’ve encouraged her to buy the boots from the shoot as she looks so fantastic in them.”

Having recently moved to a new house with a bigger second bedroom to accommodate Deborah’s growing habit, Neil is in full support of her passion. In fact, he even built her a brand-new custom wardrobe to make room for more…what a lucky lady!!

A keen photographer and ‘selfie taker’, Deborah was undoubtedly in her element as a model. I asked what she thought of the outfits that had been chosen for her today and without hesitation she exclaimed;

I love them! They are all gorgeous and stunning!” She giggled “I want them all!” as she paused for a break. I took this opportunity to find out what Deborah thought of ‘VIP Meet & Retreat’…. would she do it again and would she recommend the experience to her friends?

 “I’ve never done anything like this before and I am just so grateful to have been chosen. I thought I would be scared but it’s been so much fun.” said Deborah.

“This whole experience has been so special and important to me as a woman. It’s put a spring back in my step and I just appreciate every effort that has been made to make it all possible. This journey has truly changed my life so, thank you!”

Well there we have it, it gets the 5-star rating from Deborah. If you’re contemplating of putting yourself forward to be a model for a day and taking on the VIP Meet & Retreat Adventure, then Deborah has three little words of encouragement for you….



Thank you for reading.

Sheryl Gibson-Hill




Tilletts comprises two retail stores – in Cleethorpes and Louth and an E-commerce Operation (HQ) run from two custom built Warehouses, and an Office on Wilton Road, Humberston. To view Tilletts full range of clothing visit www.tillettsclothing.co.uk or join them for a weekly live video on Facebook.


  • Shirley Sankey

    What’s unique and wonderful experience for someone to have. What a unique and fabulous company too give such a lovely time and memory to this gorgeous lady . ❤️💕❤️💕 it is really heart warming, we all love you 💕

  • Shirley Sankey

    What’s unique and wonderful experience for someone to have. What a unique and fabulous company too give such a lovely time and memory to this gorgeous lady . ❤️💕❤️💕 it is really heart warming, we all love you 💕

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