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'She's Got The Look'

A born performer, Chelsey Barlow of South Lincolnshire was this week the star of Tilletts as our very first ‘Model For A Day’. An avid fan of the one-size clothing company, the mum-of-two arrived at HQ full of enthusiasm for the day ahead. Accompanied by her mum Jane, the pair embarked on a tour behind the scenes where Chelsey selected her outfit for the shoot. 

Dressed to impress in Faux Leather Leggings and the overwhelmingly popular Zara Spot top, Chelsey took a break from shooting to tell me exactly why she loves Tilletts and how she couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to model for us.

“I’m a Musician”, Chelsey explained, “and having comfortable but stylish clothing is an absolute must. I’m on my feet all day with the boys and then I teach a choir of 60 at night. Every week without fail, I will be complimented on my outfit at choir practice. The group is made up of all sorts of shapes, ages and sizes including my Mum and it just goes to show how versatile & appealing the clothing is to a broad spectrum of Women.” Chelsey continued, “It was my Mum who first introduced me to Tilletts, she had been into the Louth Store one day where she met Andrea and by the time she left, it was like she was a new woman.” 

Jane said of her experience “It honestly changed my life, for the first time in a long time I felt stylish again. As soon as I saw Chelsey I raved about it and we’ve both been hooked ever since.” 



Though their love of Tilletts was clear, what I really wanted to know was why exactly Chelsey aspired to model for Tilletts? As she switched outfits to Classic Joggers and the brand new Ali Animal Top, she explained that she had dabbled a little in modelling many years before her sons were born. It wasn’t something that she ever thought she would be able to take up again, but when she realised that her favourite tilletts pieces had been with her before pregnancy, during AND after, she knew she wanted to be a part of showing the benefits of one size clothing. “The fact that I felt confident in the same clothes during all three stages of my life just speaks wonders about the brand. For example, the Sansa Star Dress, I wouldn’t have normally picked anything like this but I put it on for a photo earlier and I’ve completely fallen in love with it because I can wear it in so many ways, loose, tied up, with leggings, I can do all sorts...it’s just so fab!” 

With that, Chelsey was required back in front of the camera one last time before the shoot was called a wrap, and as we said our goodbyes, we thanked the ladies for joining us.



Chelsey beamed “I’ve had such an amazing day, I’ve loved every second of it. Everybody has made us both feel so welcome and now I just can’t wait to see the pictures!” 

Well, your wait is over Chelsey! Thank you for being our very first ‘Tilletts Model For A Day” and as they say in the biz, you were fabulous darling….


Team Tilletts xx




Do you have what it takes to be a ‘Tilletts Model For A Day’?? Upload your photo and a little about yourself via Facebook or Instagram and tag Tilletts to be entered into September’s Shoot. The successful applicant will be contacted directly by Tilletts.

Please note you must be able to provide your own transport to Tilletts HQ.

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