Tillett’s hits the catwalk Gok style!

Fangirl moment! Fashion guru Gok Wan has only gone and selected Tillett’s Clothing to appear in his Fashion Brunch Club when he brings it to Lincoln! How exciting is that?

 The fashion stylist and TV presenter became aware of the Tillett’s Clothing brand after their Facebook lives and Instagram posts have become hits for ladies across the UK.

Melanie Tillett, owner, said: “We were so excited when we got a call from Gok’s office asking us to take part in the Fashion Brunch.

 “It’ll be a fabulous day with a catwalk, trends demo and a Q&A with Gok. We’re over the moon to be involved and know that anyone going will have a great day.”

Gok Wan, best known as the fashion expert on This Morning, will share his passion for all things style at the Brunch Club, and there’ll be live catwalk shows, a retail area and guests will be treated to a glass of prosecco.

The man himself said:” “I just can’t wait to meet all you lovely Lincoln ladies and working with your great local shops and boutiques!

 “I am really thrilled to bring my Mother’s Day Fashion Brunch Club special to Lincoln on 11th March and hope you will all take the opportunity to learn something new about fashion, whilst having an absolute riot with your friends and families. See you there my lovelies!”

 The event on March 11th will be a hit with mothers, taking place on Mothering Sunday at the Double Tree Hilton, Lincoln.

For tickets to the event visit http://www.gokfashion.com/

Hope to see you all there!!

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