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48 Hours, 12 Women, 1 Shop and a Passion for Fashion!

As I consider each one of the 12 women on my screen and their individual backstories I am astounded and amazed at the journey on which they are about to embark. A combination of all age, shapes and sizes, each one of these ladies has found Tilletts in a completely unique way and subsequently one another.  Their friendship, a culmination of a passion for fashion and mutual understanding has blossomed and grown in a way in which we at Tilletts could never have imagined.

The private group ‘Tilletts VIP’ (the brainchild of our very own Mel) was initially intended for likeminded women to share their love of Tilletts clothing and ‘Shopping Selfies’. Before long, it became a place where women could support one another, build each other up and offer a lending ear for those in need. A generic photo of a woman in her latest purchase was no longer something you simply saw and ignored, it became an opportunity for everyone in the group to applaud, like and shower this brave stranger in compliments. Any product queries or concerns were not welcome here, the group was not about that – it was a chance for the forgotten women of fashion to stand up and be remembered!

Over time, friendships formed and ‘Tilletts VIP’ was the starting block for spin off groups and conversations. Among those many friendships, a few stood out, but 12 women in particular decided their Cyber Family ought to see the light of day and what better way to do that than to plan a joint visit to the place where it all began? The Capital City where all roads lead…..Tilletts Central!!

So, who are these 12 glorious women? Well, we have the lovely Lorraine and Laura from Aberdeen, Vicky from West Yorkshire, Anne from South Killingholme, Cassandra from Scunthorpe, Haley from Northampton, Jean from Tyne and Wear, Joanne. S from Oldham, Melanie from Wrexham, Roni from Fareham and finally Joanne. B and Nessa from Barton Upon Humber. What a cracking bunch ay!

As the countdown to this epic trip winds down and approaches single figures, I have to ask myself…what is it about Tilletts that these women love so much? Why would they come all this way just to see us? And what is it that makes us different to other clothing companies that they feel such an affinity with us? Of course, the best way to answer these questions is to simply ask those in the know.

Nessa, a self-professed Tillettaholic talks of how she found Tilletts in the Autumn of last year and has been hooked ever since.

“It’s real clothes for real women which is something the high street doesn’t offer; the price is reasonable, and the group is amazing as well!”

Anne came across Tilletts around six years ago, she was a key instigator in the planning of the VIP Visit along with fellow Tilletteer, Jean. They had begun talking on the VIP page and quickly formed a close bond. Before they knew it, the date had been agreed, transportation organised, and restaurants booked. A common feeling among these women is that Tilletts offer something that nobody else does, Laura describes the experience as “the complete package. I love the ethos of the company, helping women of all ages and sizes to feel good about themselves again. Reassuring them that it’s ok to shine, to embrace colour and love themselves for who they are.”  A sentiment seconded by Roni who feels that the VIP group has brought a whole community of women back to life.

With responses like these, it’s easy for me to see why the ladies would want to experience this in person alongside their newly found shopping pals. One thing that these women all agree on is the standard of customer service that they have received since shopping with Tilletts. Now, I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but myself, Donna and John at Tilletts HQ endeavour to go above and beyond for every customer old or new, as do all the girls in the stores but to hear comments such as ‘second to none and outstanding’ well, we are truly overwhelmed. Thank you, ladies!!

That being said, I think it’s only fair to give the last word to our Lorraine. Ordinarily, an absurdly silly and hilarious woman who never fails to have the office in stitches managed to move us more than she will ever know with her response to my probing questions. When asked what her favourite thing was about Tilletts, she told me she couldn’t pick just one thing – it was the whole package, but Lorraine continued….

“Tilletts has helped me get back to the person I once was, I now look forward to wearing all my beautiful clothes.”

Within that one short sentence, Lorraine has summed up the entire mission for the purpose of Tilletts. All Mel ever wanted to achieve was to help women to feel beautiful in their own skin again and every member of Team Tillett works incredibly hard every day to help make that happen. So, thank you Lorraine and the rest of the VIP’s for allowing us to be part of your adventure. We simply cannot wait to meet you all, it’s going to be a truly amazing day!



Team Tillett xx


Author: Sheryl Gibson-Hill

  • Debbie says...

    Loving your lovely, bright clothing. I’m always on the lookout for tops that aren’t low in the front. I’m a post surgery breast cancer survivor and like my clothing to cover me up. These ranges allow me to be myself again. Thankyou

    On July 14, 2018
  • Carol Threadgall says...

    I have had so many compliments on my Tilletts Clothes. Love the styles, colours etc. Pricing is just perfect. I have lost weight since my first ever purchase but I keep buying as am sure I will be able to alter. Keep going Tilletts, love the live feeds. Proud to be part if the Tillets regime x

    On July 04, 2018
  • Jackie Webster says...

    Well team tillets and all you fabulous ladies x what an achievement and difference you have made to each other’s lives. The raised confidence and self-esteem is amazing. These ladies I hope will be given the opportunity for a photo shoot and show other women with fabulous curves how life changes with support kind words and good clothes affordable clothes xx

    On July 03, 2018
  • Gill Hornsby says...

    No matter what shape or size i am. No matter how big tillets clothes look on me they always look & feel fab. But the conferdance that wearing tillets is the biggest boost yet.

    On July 03, 2018
  • /Brenda McHugh says...

    Only found Tilletts in May this year just before our holiday in Mallorca for two weeks, think I am on my 6th or 7th order just love the clothes & the look, love the live fashion shows Mel looks great in everything. Introduced a couple of friends to Tilletts

    On July 03, 2018
  • Shirley Wright says...

    Sheryl Love this article you have written and I can identify with a few of things you say.
    For me I have to agree with the bit about clothes that suit us and that we can’t wait to get wearing them.
    It’s been a long time just making do with something, but now we can buy clothes we love and know will suit our figures and taste.
    The VIP group is great, and never did I think I would be able to take a full length photo of myself for other women to see and at the same time having the confidence to do so.
    So thank you team Tillett’s for all your hard work xo

    On July 02, 2018
  • Elaine Robison says...

    Love this!!
    I feel I know most of these ladies through our vip page and I couldn’t agree more with their views of tilletts . From the fashionista poem lady, I too now dress to impress (myself) 😀 hope you spoil them silly when they come, they deserve it xx

    On July 02, 2018
  • michelle farrell says...

    I have loved Tilletts and recently lost 2.5 stone in weight and now nothing fits me gutted . Can’t you get 10-12s in your clothes I feel left out now . But still love following u all x

    On July 02, 2018
  • Paula Rudd says...

    Love the clothes ( I’m putting lots of weight on due to steroids ) curvy cuddle size now lol 😀 I know lager size clothes will fit ,,, thank you all at Tillets, ,, Paula Rudd

    On July 02, 2018
  • Lorraine May says...

    This has made me cry it’s just so beautiful and sums up how I and a lot of other ladies all feel about Tilletts. I feel confident , pretty and love how I always get compliments in anything I wear from Tilletts. Thank you all for making me feel so wonderful after feeling so low for a long time . I’m proud to be a part of the Tilletts family

    On July 02, 2018
  • Helen Van Greuning says...

    I can’t buy much yet as too many clothes and I am trying to lose weight so pennies are going on exercise classes etc. This group is positive, affirmative, supportive and fun. It is going shopping with your sisters or your best mates and getting a vicarious thrill from their pleasure . Thanks VIP’s and Team Tilletts for letting me join in,

    On July 02, 2018

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