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Meet Sheryl

Do you ever imagine what someone looks like when you first talk to them on the phone or email?

Many Tillett's customers will have spoken to Sheryl, Head of Customer Experience. And she's just like she is on the phone - chatty, fun, vibrant and I imagine you'll want to invite her to your party.

The Tillett experience is something all readers of this blog have probably experienced firsthand and if you haven't where have you been?!

This is the focus on what she does. Sheryl says: "Tilletts is very much customer service focused. It's about keeping that personal touch, no matter how big Tilletts gets.

"It's being able to give the Tillett's experience, which is not just ringing up and placing an order.  It's about having a chat with me and me telling you what I think will work for you."

Behind the scenes, Sheryl is also responsible for sorting out customer based problems that come from within the stores, office or warehouse. She also deals with returns, replacements and faulty items.

At any one point she has five portals of communication open - customer service phone line, online orders phone line, Facebook chat, email, and customer live chat.

"I work well in having lots thrown at me all at the same time. I thrive on knowing that I have eight million things to do," she added.

"If there's a reason you can't get hold of me, it's because I'm busy!"

Sheryl, 30, has always worked in retail. From the age of 16 working in a supermarket and then moving into bars and pubs to earn a wage.

Her dream was to be on the stage, but a personal tragedy was to change her ambitions and though she pursued Performing Arts at university, she soonleft and spent time finding where she would fit.

"It was really hard for me going from acting and singing to not doing anything at all.

"I worked in all sorts of places, but it was my manager at a bakery who pushed me to apply for an estate agents job, as she always said I could sell snow to the eskimos."

However Sheryl found it very competitive and cut throat, and didn't like forcing people to buy things, though there were elements of the job she liked and from there she moved to Crowders garden centre based in Horncastle working in e-commerce.

 "I did a very similar role to what I do at Tilletts, but I couldn't make the job my own and there wasn't a chance to branch out.

"Then the garden centre was sold by the family and I faced redundancy. From there I went into affiliate marketing where I looked after several companies trying to increase the markets."

Sheryl didn't want to work in an environment where she was competing against everyone and so she left. She then faced an illness before applying for the Tilletts job.

"I had the interview on the Friday and Jess phoned me on Saturday asking if I could start Monday and do a week's work trial

"Three quarters of the way through Monday she came and told me I'd got the job. They'd given me a brief outline of what they wanted me to do and then realised I fitted. That was really nice coming in to somewhere and immediately they appreciated how well suited you are to the job."

Sheryl says the beauty of the place is they listen to her ideas and allow her to explore them, whether they work or not.

She also loves the fact that every day is different and that her hidden talents are known about and used.

From day one she has told the Tilletts they under estimate themselves and is not surprised by the reaction the company has received.

"There's a community of women that want to feel comfortable in their clothes but not have to wear hoodies and jogging bottoms or get dressed in heels to go into town."

The one size fits all in a range of clothes is working as far as Sheryl is concerned. 

"The confidence the women feel by wearing the clothes is great. People want to be comfortable but want to look nice too.

"Women are so grateful that it's a one size company and the clothes are not just black," added Sheryl.

 Sheryl has got her mum hooked on Tilletts and said it's nice to see her mum feel confident in the clothes too.

Tilletts is one big family, though Sheryl said some people seem to think that Mel is her mum and her work colleague John is her husband which they all find really funny.

"Everyone wants to be part of the Tillett's family, and if they can't they want to be part of the Tillett's community. 

"People are so excited about it and they want to see it do well, but at the same time keep a bit of it themselves."

Sheryl knows the business will continue to grow and has already told Mel if they open in America she will be there!

For now she's enjoying working for an ambitious, passionate company and knows that the future is Tilletts.

  • Susan Hughes says...

    Hi to everyone always excited when shopping at tillets , so many comments and how it lifts you and you get your mo jo back ,makes you feel younger again .
    I love my sweetie shop so many goodies , you look good and feel good excellent xx
    Happy shopping

    On July 06, 2018
  • Geraldine Smulders says...

    Hi I live in Perth Western Australia and heard about u guys through my sister in law . I was just wondering if by any chance I was to buy a few clothes say today n then maybe a few things say a two r three weeks later would u guys b able to hold them then send them in one parcel so I could save on postage . It’s just I’ve made a couple of purchases within a few weeks of each other n it’s starting to get a little expensive . Any help would b appreciated . By the way I love the lives n the quality of the products r amazing 🙂🙂

    On April 27, 2018
  • Elizabeth says...

    Great blog .Wonderful to find out so much about Sheryl and her life experience both before and with Tilletts . She is a lucky lady indeed to be part of your ever expanding company .A company nomatter how good they are in what they do are nothing without great customer service and Sheryl knows this well and acts accordingly .Although I have never actually spoken to her on the phone we have communicated on chat and she was,more thsn helpful ….Thanks so much Sheryl for all you do youbare very much appreciated and tgsnks to you Tillets for having the forsight to employ her .xxxxxxx

    On March 25, 2018
  • Susan Hughes says...

    I get so excited going to tillets , so much choice.
    Paula is a joy in the Louth shop so helpful , it’s my sweetie shop I travel from Lincoln and get a few items . I’ve never come home empty handed . keep up the good work.

    On March 25, 2018
  • Karen Roach says...

    I have spoken to sheryl a couple of times and also sent her messages. She has always been really efficient, very friendly and nothing is to much trouble for her.
    I find the whole Tilletts experience 10 out of 10
    Brilliant customer service , fab clothes and live videos every week with some really great tips and advice. You certainly don’t get that on the high street !!!! Keep doing what you are doing ladies because you have wonderful team. 😘😘

    On March 24, 2018

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