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“Pretty in Pink” : Meet VIP Valentine, Valerie!

Born in Luton, 52 year old Valerie joined us this week as our guest Model For A Day. Embracing all things pink, Val was treated to a luxury stay at Healing Manor with her daughter, followed by her very own photoshoot and Live appearance. 

The successful Business owner was brought to our attention when she inspired us all by having ran the 10K Marathon at Disney World at the beginning of January. Posting in the Tilletts VIP Group with her positive message that ‘age and size should never stop you’, she struck a chord with all of us at Team Tilletts. Upon receiving the phone call that she had been chosen as our next VIP for a Meet & Retreat visit, Valerie immediately took to her role as an ambassador for the company and began posting on Social Media despite still being on holiday in Florida. That’s dedication!


Home for just 5 days before setting off on her Tilletts Adventure, Valerie arrived at HQ ready to take on the challenge of Model For A Day. Before she was thrown into a full hearts and cupid themed shoot, I took the chance to speak with our guest to find out a little more about her and her love for Tilletts. Valerie explained:

 “After struggling to find Joggers that were fitted but also had a tie waist to accommodate my hourglass frame, I took my search online and eventually found the famous Tilletts Basic Joggers. That was the first of many purchases to come.”


As Valerie began her shoot, showcasing the brand new collection launching Valentines Week, I asked her what had made her decide at 51 years old to run the 10K. There was silence while she considered her response for a few moments then concluded that ultimately it had been a combination of starting the menopause which unfortunately came with unpleasant symptoms and the need for a goal. 

“It was empowering to achieve each milestone as I progressed. My Dad ran the 2nd ever London Marathon but I have never been a natural runner so it took a lot of hard work and determination. My husband also runs and is part of a group so having that support really helped.”

She strikes a pose as our photographer hands her several heart shaped balloons to complete the scene, I ask her if she has ever done anything like this before. She immediately responds with a firm ‘no, never’, this is a clearly a year of many firsts for Valerie which as a bystander is incredibly impressive and heartening.

As she changes into her next look, she reflects on why she agreed to be our VIP Model for a Day. 

“To be honest if I can just make someone smile, whether it be a friend, relation or a member of VIP then that’s what it’s all about for me. Tonight I will be appearing in a live which will be watched by people I know, some of whom are going through terrible things and if me appearing on their screen makes them happy for just a moment, well that’s job done. I think that’s what the entire Tilletts experience is about actually, building each other up and rediscovering our confidence and style all in one. It truly is a fabulous community.”

Wise words from a wise lady. With just one last question and one last shot before she must shoot off to Healing Manor, I ask what advice she would give to someone who is thinking of joining the VIP Group. 

“It’s simple, just go for it. The support and encouragement alone will be worth it and the friendships you’ll make are like no other. Seriously, just go for it!!”

Thanks for reading. 

Author: Sheryl Gibson-Hill

Tilletts comprises two retail stores – in Cleethorpes and Louth and an E-commerce Operation (HQ) run from two custom built Warehouses, and an Office on Wilton Road, Humberston. To view Tilletts full range of clothing visit www.tillettsclothing.co.uk or join them for a weekly live video on Facebook.

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  • Valerie Owen says...

    Thank you all … I had a wonderful day X

    On February 19, 2020

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