“To Be A Team, You Must Be A Family”

With less than a week to go until The Wedding of The Year, I wanted to catch up with the Tillett Sisters in one of their scarce free moments. We know so much about Mrs T and her role within the company, I thought it was high time we learnt a little more about the Millennials of the business and their aspirations for Tilletts.

We’ll start with the older of the two and the soon to be ‘Mrs Austwick’. When Grace isn’t busy jet setting around the globe on buying trips, she can be found amongst the marketing department creating events and plans for the company. In her down time Grace enjoys spending time with her family on trips away in the Caravan, holidays abroad and attending Clubbercise at the local Gym.

Before joining Tilletts as a Director, Grace built up her resume and sales experience by working for local jewellers ‘In The Pink’.  By beginning her working career at age 17 meant that Grace picked up key skills and invaluable exposure to life in business at an early age. Almost immediately she fell in love with the hustle and bustle of a busy retail environment. It didn’t take long for Grace to realise that she had found her passion and her true calling.

It was whilst working at ‘In The Pink’ that Grace discovered that the shop was coming up for rent due to an unexpected move for the Jewellers. She went home that day and pitched the idea to Mel that they move Tilletts into the premises and make a real go of it. That store just happened to be 17 Seaview Street and the rest as they say, is history.

For Nancy, the move to Director of Tilletts was less smooth. Growing up, Nancy’s main passion was Horse Riding and when she left school the opportunity came up to work at an Event Yard as a Groomer and Yard Supervisor. Perfect! Her days consisted of exercising and grooming the Horses, prepping them for competitions and general yard duties – to put it finely, she was an outdoor girl who was at home in the mud! So, when it was suggested to her that she should come to work in the store, Nancy wasn’t keen. After spending all day, everyday outdoors the idea of standing around in a shop all day did not appeal to her at all. But to her surprise, she found she loved it! The more Tilletts thrived, the more invested Nancy became and before long she was full of enthusiasm for the company and truly excited for the chance to be at the helm.

Between the girls they have both at some point put their hands to every role or task within the company, although some are more favoured than others. Grace is somewhat notorious for avoiding paperwork and emails where possible but if you drag Nancy on a buying trip you better hope you’re not delayed – she doesn’t handle that too well!  *Editor’s Note* I asked both the girls secretly to write down their pet hate task and what they thought the other would say……I can confirm you were both wrong girls! Ha Ha!

However, there is one thing that the girls do both agree on and that is their fondness of the Tilletts customers.

“Working at Tilletts allows us to see all these wonderful ladies wearing our clothes, looking amazing and feeling confident.”

Grace goes on to explain;

If we can help just one lady feel better about herself, then that’s job done for me!”

 Nancy adds;

 “My ultimate dream is to give as many women as possible, in as many countries as possible, the outstanding ‘Tilletts Experience’. I want them to feel as stylish and happy as our current customers do and fill them with the confidence to wear what they love.”

But it hasn’t been an easy journey to reach this point. The Tilletts as a whole have worked incredibly hard to achieve their current success. So, what is it that gave them the drive to keep going when situations got tough? Nancy is naturally a very positive person and often follows the mantra ‘mind over matter’ but she also believes that the world simply isn’t a nice place and there is always someone older or better ready to knock you down. In that situation you have to keep your head strong, don’t deflect and you’ll achieve. Wise words for a mere 23-year-old! Grace however, like myself is a natural worrier and finds comfort in reminding herself that any current concerns that hold no longevity deserve zero attention and any that do can be dealt with, so……..don’t worry! Too true Grace.

These girls are not afraid of hard work and their recent award wins and continuing growth of Tilletts is proof of this. Always the first to give credit to others of their hard work and dedication to Team Tillett, I think it’s important to remember that these girls and their Mum embarked on an adventure several years ago with no idea how it would turn out. A brave and bold move which has resulted in the Tilletts we know today.

So, what next for these fearless fashionistas? Well, only time will tell…….but right now it’s time to get wedding ready and party glam because for one weekend only at Tilletts, there will be just one dress worth talking about!  



Team Tillett xxx


Author: Sheryl Gibson-Hill


  • PAtricia WOodhead

    Hi, I have bought things from you in the past and they did not fit .I am a size 20 and could not get into the trousers. Will you be getting some larger sizes? The shoes I bought are great.

  • Melanie

    A lovely right up hope u all have a beautiful day u deserve it all u lady’s work so hard finding these lovely clothes for us ladies hope the weather is on your side too I no all of u will look a million dollars carnt wait to see some pictures just in joy and have a fabulous day xx

  • Tracey Forster

    What a great blog. I loved reading about the girls. It’s great to hear how they came to be apart of tillets. It’s inspiring. Hope the wedding of the year goes to plan and can’t wait to see all the photos and videos of the day. God bless. Xx

  • Sue Harris

    Hope you have a wonderful day. I only found you earlier this year but have regularly ordered from you as well as visiting the shop. I love the fashionable clothes and the colours. I can’t wait to see your Autumn/Winter range. Once again have a brilliant day and many congratulations.

    Best wishes

  • Sue KIdd

    Hope you day is very thing you wish and more. Can’t wait to see your dress Grace , wishing you and your family a amazing day 💞🍾🍸👰🏼

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