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Iconic to the Paw


Animal print is back once again, and we are here to show you how to rock it ‘The Tilletts Way’.
Experimenting with such a bold print can be daunting to even the most seasoned fashionista but it’s all about trial and error. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and get creative, it’s how we learn what does and doesn’t work for us. To make it a little easier, we have put together our top 7 animal inspired styles to test the water.

#1 colour POP


Bright and sunny colours are the perfect accompaniment to a wild print. By combining leopard spots for example with a vivid tone you are downplaying the lively print by increasing the intensity of the colour. This can be a comfortable way to introduce animal print into your wardrobe especially if you are already a fan of jazzy hues.  


#2 keep it simple

Not everybody is comfortable wearing such heavy prints on a day to day basis. The way to combat this is to keep it simple. Throw a little homage to the wildcats by using accessories or footwear as your canvas and let your feet do the talking.


#3 earn your stripes







 Everybody always forgets about Zebra Print and it’s such a shame because we all know that monochrome is the easiest way to create a striking but simple style. It feels more grown up somehow and allows us the freedom to make a statement without the risk of getting it oh so wrong. If you’ve been thinking of dabbling with fierce fashion, then zebra print is an ideal place to start.



#4 leopards & long necks

We all love Leopard print….it’s a classic!! But did you know that our long-necked friend, the Giraffe is actually the up and coming print on the catwalk? That’s right, the once must-have print of the leopard has competition and it’s not going anywhere soon. So, what’s it to be? Leopard or Giraffe??


 #5 hounds of love

Ok, so Houndstooth isn’t technically animal print but I’m hoping you’ll let this one slide. Traditionally seen as a black & white print, this abstract style is becoming more and more accessible in colour. If you’re a fan of Dogtooth, get on board because you will love this new design. Everything is better in technicolour!


#6 go retro...

Who’s feeling the 70’s vibes?? Combining our love of tiger print with an element of 70’s glam has got all our Disco Balls spinning!! Go retro, not only will you feel the warmth of nostalgia, but you will look and feel fabulous. A little sparkle never hurt anyone.



#7 think pink

Pink can do no wrong in my eyes. A pink hue can completely change on outfit by providing a softness to the look. If you find animal print too strong on its own, a touch of pink will immediately lessen the intensity. Lilac and Sage have the same effect, both of which are destined to be big in 2020!

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Author: Sheryl Gibson-Hill

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  • CAROLINE osullivan says...

    Love the animals look

    On March 09, 2020

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